With roughly ten online stores, Nordbutiker i Sverige AB markets and sells personal electric vehicles such as electric bicycles, electric scooters, scooters and electric mopeds as well as training equipment on the Nordic market. The business was founded in 2007 and counts today about 35 employees with headquarters in Norrtälje. The company was acquired in 2019.

Luda.Farm provides farmers and industrial customers worldwide with innovative monitoring products and services making work easier, safer and more efficient - Smart farming made easy. The business was founded in 2005 and has today 10 employees with a main office in Gothenburg. The company was acquired in October 2020.

Linguacom is a full-service agency in linguistics whose foundation is threefold. They offer interpretation, translation and training. These three services share in common a high quality and delivery guarantee. Today, Linguacom provides most authorities in Sweden as well as municipalities and private companies with professional interpreters and translators. There are 20 employees with headquarters in Stockholm. The company was acquired in 2018.

Hedén Group AB is a leading company within engines and control units for professional TV, the media and film industry. Hedén was founded in 1964 by Björn Hedén who, at the time, was active at Hasselblad, and invented engines for controlling zoom, aperture and focusing on lenses. The company received an Oscar in 2009 in the Category Scientific or Technical Achievement Award. The company was acquired in August 2016.

Åkerstedts Verkstads AB develops and manufactures industrial fans. The company started production in 1977 and is a leading actor in customized fans for ventilation and industrial use. The company has just under 20 employees with a main office in Kvänum. Åkerstedts was acquired in 2019.

Färg-In delivers industrial paint, accessories and technical advice to the product-painting metal and wood industry preferably in western Svealand and northern Sweden. The company consists of Färg- In AB and the wholly owned subsidiary Leksands Industri färg AB. Färg-In was established in 1974 and counts 18 employees. The business has its main office in Kristinehamn in Värmland and local representation in Leksand and Skellefteå. Färg-In was acquired in January 2021.

In 1918, Thor Ahlgren AB was established in Skillingaryd, Småland, Sweden and has today 33 employees. The company is focussed on the pressing, stamping and laser cutting of sheet steel components from various materials. The company's guiding lights have from the very start been high quality and delivery reliability. The company was acquired in July 2021.

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