Senior executives

Johan Bennarsten

CEO since 2016, born 1972.
Medical degree from Karolinska Institute and Master of science in Engineering Physics, Uppsala University.

Other assignments: Chairman of Biosorbe AB and board member at Sydsken AB. Completed assignments during the past five years: No assignments. 

Background: Johan has been active in the venture capital industry, at the Nordic private equity firm CapMan since 2001. Since 2008 Partner and Head of Team in Stockholm until 2015. In 2015 and 2016, Johan used to be a partner at Corporate Finance at Pareto Securities AB.

Shareholding: 1 740 000 privately and through companies

Jacob Persson

CFO since 2021, born 1986
MSc in Finance, Lund University School of Economics and Management.

No other current assignments. Completed assignment during the last five years: Board member at PEAC AB.

Background: Jacob was the Head of Group Business Control & Investor relations at the listed care operator Ambea. Previously, Jacob worked several years advising clients on mergers and acquisitions.

Shareholding: 1 100

Markus Åkerstedt

COO since 2022, born in 1976
Engineer, University of Skövde.

Other assignments: Chairman of Perpressa Fastigheter AB and of Samano Invest AB. Board member in Perpressa Invest AB, Planevo AB and Biosorbe AB.

Background: Markus has worked as CEO and in senior positions in the family-owned company Åkerstedts Verkstad the past 20 years. After Seafire’s acquitistion of Åkerstedts he joined the board of directors in the company.

Shareholding: 746 000 private and via companies

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